Choco Oats Plum Pudding

Chocolate + Plums + Oats + Fresh Cream + wee bit coffee = Topped with chocolate ganache!! Oh a dessert to die for! 😀

Chocolate coconut hearts (Barfi)

These bite sized hearts are a dessert lovers delight – east meets west – the combination of dark chocolate, khoya and coconut is super yummy!

Eggless Tiramisu Pudding

This Italian dessert recipe is a keeper and can be served in so many different ways. Tiramisu is pure bliss!

Creamy Mango Delight

A super easy and quick non messy dessert requiring minimal ingredients – but a NO FAIL ONE! Try this Mango Dessert and thank me later. 😀

Gajar ka mousse!

Hosting a date? Or a party? And want a dessert that is simple and easy yet flavorful and colorful? Try this Gajar ka mousse or Carrot mousse!

Dates and Chocolate Fudge

I think I am on a chocolate spree .. well, what to do! Chocolate is a weakness and such a simple ingredient to mess around with. This is a recipe which I tried out in the winters. It has chocolate, dates and butter – some of the most delightful ingredients. Dates are one food which…

Chocolate Walnut Pudding

A sinful and easy to prepare chocolate pudding – this can be your go to dessert for a small dinner party or a date for all you love birds!