Apple Oats Prunes Whole Wheat Cake

Want to have something tasty and healthy and which satisfies your sweet tooth? Try this simple healthy cake and have fun with your loved ones!

Pan-fried Cheesy Discs

“I am not having that mom! Give me something else” These are common words every other child utters when offered bottle gourd in any form. Trust me, I have done it every time I was offered it as a kid. In fact, as an adult as well. :p Lauki as it is commonly known in…


Want to keep your diet in check yet not compromise on the flavor?? Try this healthy breakfast recipe!

Potato Sandwich

All the sandwich lovers out there – this recipe is a must try! The potato mixture recipe is a keeper – try it today! 😀

Chocolate Fudgy Walnut Brownie

Super Sinful and fudgy – this dark chocolate walnut brownie is one recipe to die for – And it’s eggless too! When are you making this??

Choco Oats Plum Pudding

Chocolate + Plums + Oats + Fresh Cream + wee bit coffee = Topped with chocolate ganache!! Oh a dessert to die for! 😀

Quinoa Salad

Wanna start living healthy?? But keep on feeling hungry?? Why not start with this quinoa salad! 😀

Paneer Matar Masala

When in a mood to cook a Punjabi vegetable with full gravy – this Paneer matar masala is sure to satisfy your cravings!

Adadiyo (Black gram flour ladoos)

Next time anyone around you asks for a healthy dessert – one which can be had by diabetics also – try this simple Gujarati sweet – Adadiyo!

Chocolate coconut hearts (Barfi)

These bite sized hearts are a dessert lovers delight – east meets west – the combination of dark chocolate, khoya and coconut is super yummy!

Chocolate Cake with ganache

This cake can easily be used in so many other desserts – it is such a simple and easy one and yet so useful as a base in so many other things! I just love it!

Caramel Sauce

An easy – peasy recipe – this caramel sauce goes with so many desserts! And is so simple to prepare – plus you can store it for quite a few days! 😀