Adadiyo (Black gram flour ladoos)

Next time anyone around you asks for a healthy dessert – one which can be had by diabetics also – try this simple Gujarati sweet – Adadiyo!

Gajar ka mousse!

Hosting a date? Or a party? And want a dessert that is simple and easy yet flavorful and colorful? Try this Gajar ka mousse or Carrot mousse!

Rajasthani Ghevar with Rabdi!

A Rajasthani traditional sweet, this golden dessert is a treat for the eyes – the honey comb design dipped in sugar syrup! And its more than a delight to be able to cook it perfectly. Normally gifted to the girls on Teej and their wedding, ghevars can be prepared in a variety of different flavors…

Mohan Thal

Mohan thal is an Indian sweet which is considered a favourite of Lord Krishna’s. Simply put, it is Mohan ( Lord Krishna)¬†kaa Thal (Food served).¬†Tradionally prepared as a part of bhog for The Lord on Janmashthmi and Diwali, it is a very simple dessert to prepare. Delicious in taste, it takes about 1.5 hours to…