‘Laughter is the brightest where food is the best’

A good meal can lift up even the dullest of moods and a good dessert can brighten up the saddest of faces! So here is a site, with a unique assortment of all different kinds of recipes – from Gujarati dhokla to Arrabbiata pasta to a chocolate pudding. These are foods that I have grown to love over the years, learnt to cook and improvised upon the same!

The posts here – recipes, images, anecdotes – are for all those of you who are learning to cook or who already cook well and bring a smile on your face. These are simple and easy to follow recipes which you will be more often than not be able to prepare from ingredients available easily and also these are recipes that people will love.

Feel free to let me know what you think so that I can get better! A shout out to all the amateurs, cooks, housewives, home bakers, and professionals turned cooks for survival – the pain towards cooking only feels like that until you actually start it – share here your recipes and ideas and together we can make this a happy club for the foodies!

Cheers to a happy life and a healthy life!


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