Gajar ka mousse!

“Why in the world is that purple!? Carrots are supposed to be orange or red, right?”

Haha! Can you imagine carrots being purple or even yellow, black or white?? Difficult, right? But that is how it was once upon a time.

A quick google search will reveal that carrots originated in Afghanistan and it was in Netherlands that the orange carrot that we see today originated! It was sweeter and non – sticky than the carrots available earlier. While the Sikhs of Punjab introduced this very popular dish to the then at its peak Mughal Dynasty, its emperors loved the flavorful and aromatic gajar halwa. With their liking for the dish and their increased desire to expand trade, bringing the carrots to India was a given. Halwa comes from an arabic word and it originally meant a flour based dessert preparation with milk, sugar, butter and nuts. And since then till today, this combination of Carrots, milk, sugar and nuts aka Gajar halwa has been loved by everyone who has tasted it or has a sweet tooth. I am yet to find a person who does not like this full of flavor dish! 

I love this dish too! But I do not have so much patience as mom to prepare it. So instead, taking a cue from MasterChef India 1 winner Shipra Khanna’s show Pure Sin on FoodFood channel, I made this recipe using only 4 ingredients and here it goes!

Prep Time: 30 mins


  1. 500 gms whole carrots
  2. 200 gms Amul mithai mate
  3. 200 gms fresh khoya (dried whole milk or thickened milk)
  4. Chopped dry fruits of choice
  5. 1 tspn cardamom powder (optional)


  1. Grate the carrots and put them on a low to medium flame in a large pan. Keep on stirring till they become soft in texture and leave water aside. 

    Grated carrot for gajar ka halwa or gajar ka mousse
    Grated carrot
  2. Now add the mithai mate in it and mix properly. Allow this to come to a boil.

    Milk maid added to grated carrot for carrot mousse
    Allow the mithai made and carrot mixture to boil
  3. Now add the fresh khoya and stir properly so that no lumps are formed. 
  4. This step is an optional one –> Add the cardamom powder if you like it and blend the whole mixture with a hand blender so that it turns into a smooth creamy paste
  5. Add the chopped dry fruits or use them as a garnish while serving after refrigerating the prepared mousse mixture for about 30 mins!

    Gajar ka mousse - so pretty~with the sugar, chocolate and dry fruit garnish.
    Gajar ka mousse – so pretty~with the caramelized sugar shards, chocolate and dry fruit garnish.

SO easy and simple right? Carrots are extremely good for eyes and contain good amount of water content. And when combined with the goodness of milk and the richness of milk maid and dry fruits – its a different world all together, right? Once in a while, a little spoonful is good for the health, no? Here, you will see the prepare gajar ka mousse or carrot mousse served in our very own prepared chocolate bowl! Go have fun with kids or host a party to show off your newly learnt skill! 😀

Gajar or carrot mousse in a chocolate bowl
Gajar ka mousse in a chocolate bowl – interesting right?

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