Have you ever had that craving to eat something really good or sweet when you are stressed?

Have you ever encountered that situation when in the middle of a serious meeting, an amazing smell wafts from somewhere and you suddenly start feeling insanely hungry?

Have you ever …… The list goes on and on !! I know because I love good food and just cant stay away from it!

Hi, I am Deval – A Business Development Manager by profession and an artist otherwise. Like any & every other 20-something, I spend 10 hours of my 24 given committed to my job, 7 hours sleeping, about 2 hours eating and the rest trying to make my life better in any which way I can – basically trying to make sense of where am I going. Lazy as I am, this blog is my simple attempt to keep all the yummy recipes I learn from my dear mother and anywhere else, in a single place! And obviously – if any of you folks do feel like trying them out, I will be more than happy to make your day! 😀

Cooking was never my first love. To think I had cookery as a subject in school – from those days of asking a friend during exam time to knead the dough for me so that I could clear the practicals – to this when learning new recipes and watching Masterchef diligently has become a part of life – I have only loved food more. :p

The recipes that you find here are tried and tested by me – and have been simplified with tips so that you don’t make the mistakes that I made while cooking. From the right temperature in some to a right consistency in some to a proper proportion of ingredients, each recipe has something unique to it. Also, you will learn different techniques along with the recipes which will only add to your cooking knowledge.

Being an amateur myself, I strive to improve my cooking skills as and when I get the opportunity. And I more than love to talk about food and learn about it – there is just so much to know! So any and every suggestion/comment is welcome – whether you like the post or not.

As I said – good food should make you feel happy. Hope the posts here are able to brighten up your day as they do mine!

Cheers and happy cooking!

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