Creamy Mango Delight

Mangoes!!!!! Oh I so wait for the summers to arrive – just so that i can have this king of fruits. Litchis and watermelon are my other favourites during the season but hello!?! Mangoes have their own special place in my heart. <3

One thing that I have never been able to remember are the different types of Mangoes available – alphonso, kesar, totapuri, langdo, dasheri, etc. There are just sooo many! Although I love them all, the best ones have got to be alphonso and kesar. Specially when someone sends it fresh from their farms. They are just so delicious! So one fine day when I had a box full of alphonso mangoes lying in my kitchen, I decided to do some experiment and make a quick dessert using the fruit. 

It’s such a simple and quick recipe and just so delicious that my mom keeps on telling me to make it again and again – for the simple fact that it requires really less ingredients, utensils and time – making the effort of after preparation cleaning that much easier :p. But seriously! it is one dessert that all in the family loved and don’t mind having again and again. So here is the recipe – simple, quick and easy! Try it and see the happy smiles on your friends/relatives faces!

Prep Time: 30 mins


  1. 12-15 biscuits (Britannia 50-50)
  2. 3 tspn Butter
  3. 100 gms whipped cream
  4. 2 Tspn icing sugar
  5. 1 Fresh Mango (Chopped into small cubes)
  6. Fresh Mango Puree (3 Tspn)


  1. Blend together the biscuits and butter in a grinder until a powdery form is attained. (Note: Please don’t have this mixture on its own for it tastes good and then you won’t have anything left for the actual dessert :p)
  2. Take the whipped cream in a vessel. Add the icing sugar and mango puree and gently fold it in the cream until a nice yellow colour is attained. (Note: Make sure the cream is not too sweet otherwise it will mar the taste of the entire dessert)
  3. Take a glass bowl and layer it first at the bottom with the prepared biscuit and butter mixture. Now, with the help of a piping bag, pipe in the prepared mango whipped cream on top. (Note: We use piping bag instead of directly layering the whipped cream so that all the nook and corner are properly filled with the cream)
  4. Now add a layer of the chopped mango pieces on top of the whipped cream.

    Mango Whipped cream rosettes piped on top
    Whipped cream rosettes piped on top
  5. Repeat step 3 and 4. On the last layer of the mango pieces, pipe a rosette or a simple swirl with the whipped cream to give a rich look to your dessert!

And lo! Your simple and easy – fresh, creamy, silky smooth mango dessert is ready within minutes. You just need to refrigerate it for a while before serving so that your guests can enjoy it nice and cold! Believe me, this recipe won’t fail you! Ever! Go try . 😀

Layers of salty buttery biscuit mixture, whipped cream and mango pieces
See the layers ? – They are just so attractive to look at!


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  1. Kalindi says:

    It looks sinfully tempting..

    1. thehappyfoods says:

      Thank you 😀
      Do try it!

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